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How to receive a truck shipment

To make your truck delivery as easy and as smooth as possible please follow the guidelines below:

Unless the service specified is for a Lift Gate and / or Inside Delivery, the truck driver is only responsible for moving your merchandise to the tailgate of their truck. They are not responsible for unloading your merchandise. Many drivers will gladly help you unload your freight, and some may even help you get the items inside, but they are not obligated to.

Lift Gate Delivery - Merchandise will be lowered off the back of the truck.
Inside Delivery - Merchandise will be brought right inside the front door for a lobby delivery. Stairs and Installation are NOT INCLUDED.

1, Count the number of cartons and verify that you have received the correct number, which is on the Bill of Lading.

2. Inspect the cartons carefully for any kind of rips, tears, dents, crushed corners, wetness, or any other signs of possible damage. If you even sense that there is any kind of freight damage, OPEN THE CARTONS WHILE THE TRUCK DRIVER IS PRESENT AND INSPECT THE GOODS.

3. If you see or feel that the merchandise is in good condition then sign the Bill of Lading.

4. If you feel there is any kind of freight damage or are unable to open the cartons, but see that the cartons are not in perfect condition, note all visible details on the Bill of Lading and mark it 'Subject to Inspection' before signing it. We can not hold the trucking company responsible for damage unless you note all damage, or problems with the outer carton on the Bill of Lading. Merchandise ownership passes from the manufacturer to the customer when received by the freight carrier. Carrier responsibility is lost without the proper signing for goods.

5. If your merchandise is damaged, you must KEEP THE OUTER CARTON (S) FOR INSPECTION.

6. If the shipment is in poor condition, you have the option of refusing the entire shipment. If you refuse items, mark the Bill of Lading: ' Refused Due to Damage'

7. If you receive any damaged merchandise or are unsure whether to accept a damaged shipment please call our customer service at 510-962-4512. Claims for damaged merchandise must be made within 5 business days of customer receipt.

Please contact us if you have any questions.