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Leafing Supplies

  • Speedball Adhesive Leaf Pen

    Easy to use adhesive pen for metal leafing Pen has 2 tips Great for embellishing or writing Cleans up with soap and water Made in USA Shipping is Free in the Contiguous 48 StatesUpon receipt of cleared payment, we...

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    Speedball Genuine Copper (1 Pkg)

    Consisting of small pieces of Metal Leaf of varying shapes and sizes, Metal Flakes are ideal for use on textured surfaces. Product Features 3g Shipping is Free in the Contiguous 48 States Upon receipt of cleared payment we normally ship the same or...

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  • Speedball Genuine Copper Leaf Pkg (25 sheets)

    Contains 25 composition genuine copper leaf sheets size 5-1/2-inch by 5-1/2-inch. Metal leaf is a micro-thin sheet of metal separated by pages of tissue paper. All through the history of decorative art, metal leaf has played a very prominent role...

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    Speedball Gold Leaf Adhesive 2oz.

    This 2-ounce jar of water based brush-on sizing becomes tacky in 15 to 60-minutedepending on weather conditions. Specifically designed to stay tacky up to 48-hour. Can be used for many other craft and home decor projects. Cleans up with soap and water...

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  • Speedball Simple Leaf - Gold (18 sheets)

    This transfer-style leaf is easier to handle and apply than traditional leaf, but delivers the same lustrous results. Ideal for use on flat surfaces, Simple Leaf is bonded with wax paper and adheres to only the areas to which it is applied directly,...

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