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About Artograph Digital Projectors

Digital Projectors operate from images stored on your computer, smartphone, flash drive, or tablet. They can also project live images from, for example, your phone’s camera, and play videos, project PDF files, PowerPoint files, or Word docs. You can manipulate the image right on the projector, for example change it from color to black & white and back, or enhance edges. Digital projectors are also bright and most can work in reasonably well lit rooms.

The New Flare 150 from Artograph is the next step up from the popular Flare100, with enhanced brightness and greater resolution, still in a compact, portable size. The Flare150 is ideal for projecting photos and images for tracing, layout, and design of your artwork. For artwork of extremely small size up to large portrait size. Included are built-in grids in dozens of useful patterns for layout and design, available only with Artograph digital projectors. Flip, reverse, rotate, grayscale, adjust color temperature and tonal values of your image. The Flare150 can operate on rechargeable built-in battery (2.5 hours), or plugged in. HD 1280 x 720 resolution with 150 lumens of brightness.

The New Inspire 1000 continues upgrading the Artograph projector line stepping up from the popular Inspire800 and LED500 with 1000 lumens of brightness and enhanced contrast range. Portrait-sized work is well served by the Inspire1000. With greater lumen (brightness) power, and higher resolution, than the Flares, in a sleek new style, the Inspire1000 is the perfect choice for most canvas and watercolor sizes, but has enough lumens of brightness to handle most indoor mural sizes.

The Flare 150 and Inspire 1000 include:

  • 36 Built-in Grids including 15 New Rule of Thirds Grids
  • Image/Color Control
  • One-touch Grayscale Control
  • Magnification 125-400% with USB
  • Tripod Mount Connection
  • JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF capability
  • Backed by Artograph’s Lifetime Technical Support!

The Flare 100 sets the artist free with a battery-operated projector in a size to go anywhere. The Flare100 projects a sharp image from as close as four inches from your surface. The Flare 100 finds a happy ground between price, size, and power. Though less powerful in terms of lumens of brightness than the Flare150, Inspire1000 and Impression1400, the Flare100 weighs barely more than half a pound, is only 4 inches wide, AND operates on built-in rechargeable batteries for 2 hours, or plugged in to wall current. The Flare100 is your choice for a budget-friendly art projector for smaller, closer projections, and for miniatures, or where you can dim the room lights for larger projections.

The IMPRESSION 1400 Art Projector is the powerhouse projector with full HD and 1400 lumens of brilliance. Powerful enough for even well-lit projection areas, this is the studio and workshop projector for your largest scale, most detailed work. The Impression1400 adds a new dimension of skew control, with edge adjust acting with both vertical and horizontal keystone control. The Impression1400 is the big fella to use for large and outdoor murals. Strong, direct light will wash out any projected image, but we’ve had muralists do 2 and even 3-story tall building murals with the Impression1400 in situations where they couldn’t shut off nearby streetlights. The greater power of the Impression1400, plus the higher resolution, will give you a stronger, sharper large image. For maximum detail in your image projections, or if you’re doing large murals, or are in lit areas, you’ll need a brighter, higher resolution, more powerful projector like the IMPRESSION 1400.

Each of these new projectors includes Artograph’s built-in grids for design and composition. The Flare100, Inspire800, and Impression1400 include 22 custom grids with a bonus set of border patterns and geometric shapes. Use the grids and patterns alone, or superimpose them over your image for precision layout.

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